China Marble Resources Introduction

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China Marble Resources Introduction

China’s marble mineral resources are extremely rich, large reserves, varieties, total reserves of the world. According to incomplete statistics, preliminary identification of nearly 400 domestic marble varieties, of which more expensive color varieties are as follows.

Pure white: Beijing Fangshan white marble; Anhui Huaining and Guichi white marble; Hebei Quyang and Laiyuan white marble; Sichuan Baoxing white marble; Jiangsu Ganyu white marble; Yunnan Dali Cangshan white marble; Shandong Pingdu and Ye County Snow white and so on.

● Pure black:Guangxi Guilin black marble; Hunan Shaoyang black marble; Shandong Cangshan black marble, Venus Wang; Anyang black Henan et al;

● Red: Anhui Lingbi red Wanluo; Sichuan Nanjiang red; Hebei laishui red and Fuping red; Liaoning Tieling northeast red and so on;

● Gray: Hang Gray marble in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province; Yunnan Dali cloud ash marble and so on;

● Yellow: Henan Zhejiang Chuanxiong yellow, rosin and beige marble and so on.

● Green: Dandong Green in Dandong, Liaoning Province; Sea Ledge in Laiyang Green and Qixia in Laiyang, Shandong Province; Blue Wave in Huaining, Anhui Province;

● Colored: Yunnan Chunhua, Qiuhua, ink flowers; snow Quzhou night plum and so on.