China G603 Light Grey Granite Tactile Stone

China G603 Light Grey Granite Tactile StoneChina G603 Light Grey Granite Tactile Stone

China G603 Light Grey Granite Tactile Stone

  • Origin: Fujian
  • Density: 2700kgs/m3
  • MOQ:100m2
  • Delivery detail:Within 15-20 days,depends on order quantity
  • Price terms:FOB,CIF,CNF
  • Payment terms:T/T or L/C at sight,or other payment


             China G603 Light Grey Granite Tactile Stone

China G603 Light Grey Granite Tactile Stone, Tactile stone is from china ,Due to the durability and the very low maintenance, granite is the most popular material for Blind stone, blind stone ,Tactile paving stones shape are dots and stripes warning people with visual impairments about the zone where the pavement meets the roadway. Sidewalks – sidewalk edges are recommend to be contrasting or having a pattern to thereby indicate that the sidewalk is meeting the roadway.Tactile stone ,Blind stone can indicator to find the footpaths,Tactile stone ,Blind stone paving stone is a natural building material and use for Graden, streets, and buildings. .

In addition, Tactile stone comes in several different finishes: Flamed,Honed,polished,sandblasted,cut,leathered/antiqued,Etc. Furthermore, we have a professional team to design these blind stone, they are in high demand in global markets.

Most noteworthy, Our products have CE Certification, and comply with the European Union’s rule. We have an experienced and responsibility team to take care of the quality control. Here, you can find the most competitive price, the credible quality standard, the timely delivery and the best service

Find Your Desired Tactile Stone with High Quality at Low Price here , Click to see more about our product!


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